DATE 1974
TECHNIQUE  Piece- Collage on paper
EDITION  Unique word
PROPERTY Concha Jerez Archive
DIMENSIONS (6.60×0.79)m.
Six (1.10×0.79) m two-dimensional drawings composed of illegible, self-censored writings made with Rotring black ink on white paper. Each of the drawings has a hand-drawn line in the shape of an arrow in red Stabilo pencil.
CONCEPT This work arises from events that occurred during the Franco regime in which a large number of citizens were prosecuted for belonging to clandestine political groups that today democratically govern our country. When these trials occurred, large summaries were created while the press, akin to the Franco regime, charged the accused in such a way that they decisively influenced the course of the trial. After time, people remained in jail and the Media forgot about them.

This is one of the first conceptual works made by the author in 1974. It arises from concrete situations experienced by the author during the Franco regime and reflected in the daily press.

DESCRIPTION The six framed drawings are hung directly on the wall in a continuous line.
HISTORY This is one of the first conceptual works produced by the author in 1974.

It arises as a reaction of the author to the repressive process of the Franco regime that led to the so-called Proceso 1001 of the Tribunal de Orden Público between 1972 and 1973 in which ten union leaders belonging to the clandestine union of Comisiones Obreras linked to the Communist Party of Spain opposed to the Franco regime.

EXHIBITIONS This version 2 – in a continuous format – was first shown in public at the author’s first installation under the title LA AUTOCENSURA at the Galería Propac in Madrid in 1976.

In 1988 it was presented in the exhibition of Concha Jerez PIEZAS 1974-88 at the Ángel Romero Gallery in Madrid.

In 1994 it was included in the exhibition CONCHA JEREZ. UNIDADES DE INTERFERENCIA which was presented in the gallery of La General in Granada.

In 2017 it was presented at the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (C.A.A.M.) in the solo exhibition Concha Jerez. INTERFERENCES.

In 2020-2021 it was presented in Concha Jerez solo exhibition QUE NOS ROBAN LA MEMORIA, at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS).