DATE (1983-1986)
TECHNIQUE Mixed piece
EDITION Unique word
PROPERTY Concha Jerez Archive
  • 6- wood measurements used to measure the grain needed to grow half a bushel
  • 6- translucent polyester with illegible texts
  • 6- transparent crystals as a cover on which the letters of the word MEASURE are written in gold-colored graphics.
CONCEPT This piece is consolidated as such as a FRACTION OF TIME, of the very time of creation. Autonomous fractions of a whole, of a specific time, of spaces in which it has emerged, of a mental process in which it has been generated, of an aesthetic.
DESCRIPTION Piece composed by 6 measures of old wood, which were used in the field to sow an area of half a bushel. On the front of each one of them, a golden metal letter of the word MEDIDA. Inside each module, a translucent polyester strip with illegible writings of the author’s height. Each of the modules is covered with a transparent glass cover. On each of these crystals you can see the graphics corresponding to each of the letters of the word MEASURE in gold.
HISTORY This piece originated in Malpartida de Cáceres in the use of a similar module – for the same concept – as part of the RETORNO AL COMIENZO INSTALLATION, an In Situ work made by the author for the Museo Vostel in Malpartida in 1983, and which is now part of its permanent collection.
EXHIBITIONS The piece was first shown at the individual exhibition of pieces on the theme of FRAGMENTOS DE TIEMPO, created by the author in Oviedo, at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias in 1986.