DATE 1988-2007
TECHNIQUE Mixed piece
EDITION Unique word
PROPERTY Saro Leon Collection
DIMENSIONS (150 x 294) cm in 6 modules of (49 x 150) cm
  • Six marble modules (145×49)cm each with two metal letters 64mm high.
  • Six glass modules of (150×49)cm with grafismos made by the author in permanent marker gold.
DESCRIPTION Work consisting of a marble plate of (296 x 145) cm divided into six modules of (145 x 49) cm and six glass modules of (150 x 49) cm.

The modules – made of pink marble with green veins – have a golden metal letter – 64 mm high – attached to the upper part, forming the word MEDIDA (Measure), and a letter, also made of golden metal, attached to the lower part, forming the word LÍMITE (Limit).  On each of the glass modules the grafismos have been made in gold marker of the two letters of the corresponding marble module.

EXHIBITIONS This piece comes from an earlier one, which was presented at the Ángel Romero Gallery in Madrid in 1988.

It was also later shown in various group exhibitions until it was destroyed in a transport at the beginning of the nineties.

In 2007 it was reworked, in its current version, for the exhibition MÚSICA DIARIA at the Galería Saro León in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

In 2017 it forms part of the solo exhibition of Concha Jerez INTERFERENCIAS, in the CAAM (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)