DATE 1984-86
TECHNIQUE Mixed piece
EDITION Unique word
PROPERTY Concha Jerez Archive
DIMENSIONS Aprox. 320 x 220 cm. o 260 x 180 cm.
  • 12 classic imitation white plaster columns (20x20x100) cm.
  • 12 crystal glasses, with ashes
  • 2 cards for each glass, one from the Spanish deck of cards that has been intervened, the other from a deck of ambiguous words.
DESCRIPTION The piece consists of 12 classic imitation white plaster columns (20x20x100) cm where each column supports a glass vase from the performance entitled AMBIGUO/ CONCRETO, made by the author at the Casa del reloj in the old Matadero in Madrid in 1984. Each glass is placed on top of two cards: one from the game of the Mus Intervenida by the author and another made by the author with ambiguous words, both placed under the glass.
HISTORY Fragments of Time (1984-1986), has its origin in the performance Ambiguo/Concreto made in the Casa del reloj of the old Matadero of Madrid in 1984 as a culmination of its installation of the same title and is configured in twelve modules in which on twelve columns of classic imitation are presented the twelve glasses used in the performance with the remains of the elements used and finally burned in it. As in almost all of Concha Jerez’s production, the performative processes are the origin and trigger of her installations or, as in this case, they transform previous works generating different meanings in the process. Also in this work, as in many of her pieces, the objects of daily use, as well as being a fundamental part of her imagination, are highlighted and put to good use.
EXHIBITIONS It was shown for the first time in Concha Jerez’s individual exhibition “FRACCIONES DE TIEMPO“, held at the Museo de Bellas Artes of Asturias, in Oviedo, in 1986.

It forms part of Concha Jerez’s exhibition MEDIDA LÍMITE at the Alfonso Alcolea Gallery in Barcelona, held in 1991.

It is shown in the group exhibition “Rites of Passage. Body as a Symbol and Operator of Simbols” held at the Freijó Gallery in 2019.