DATE 1988
TECHNIQUE Three-dimensional piece
EDITION Unique word
PROPERTY Concha Jerez Archive
DIMENSIONS (2.10 x 0.80 x 0.40) m
An antique chair painted in white 1 broken fragment from the bottom of an imitation antique plaster column, intervened by the words DIARIO – on one side – and LÍMITE – on the other in gilt metal. Two glasses of 1.53 m -height of the author in 1988-.
CONCEPT Piece autobiographical To do this, she interrelates a chair – from the former owner of the flat where she has lived since 1990 and found in it -, a residue of a broken piece intervened by Jerez with two words that make up the title of the piece – and two pieces of glass, also intervened, whose length is equal to the height of the author and whose width is the sum of the maximum width of the piece.
DESCRIPTION The two intervened panes of glass rest at one end on the back of the chair and at the other end they rest on the base of the residue of the plaster column, which in turn is intervened by the two words that make up the title of the piece.
EXHIBITIONS This piece was first presented at Concha Jerez’s exhibition at the Ángel Romero Gallery in Madrid in 1988 under the title PIEZAS 1974-1988.

In 2016 it was presented at the solo exhibition of Jerez PUNTO(S) SINGULAR(ES) at the Aural Gallery in Alicante.

In 2017 it’s part of Concha Jerez’s individual exhibition INTERFERENCIAS, held at the CAAM.